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Free Swimming Lessons for Young Carers in Thurrock

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 21:00 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 21:00

Thurrock Swimming Club contacted us at the end of last year with a fantastic oppurtunity for our Young Carers.

They were offering FREE SWIMMING LESSONS for a whole year to 30 Young Carers/Siblings.

Thankfully pools have been allowed open which meant the swimming lessons could begin. Our Young Carers have been really enjoying themselves and the parent feedback below is fantastic.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Paul & the team at Thurrock Swimming Club for giving the Young Carers this amazing oppurtunity. 

The Jack Petchey Covid Fund has enabled Thurrock Club to continue to help the community by offering free swimming lessons to young carers and young adults with special educational needs.  Over 30 swimmers have joined the Thurrock Swimming Club and are enjoying the opportunity to learn how to swim, learn life skills and have respite from the pressures of every day life.Below are some quotes from the family of the swimmers who can swim for free for 12month with the help of the Jack Petchey Covid Recovery Fund.


Good afternoon

My daughter L.S aged 12 is a member of Thurrock young carers group she has been attending young carers since 5 years old and she was given the amazing opportunity to join Thurrock swimmers club with mr Paul Robbins for free for 12 months she was first very nervous as she has anxiety from seeing her sister very poorly at the assessment with paul, leia was made to feel very welcome and she was very happy she attended her first lesson very nervous but soon as her toes were in the pool and her teacher Henry made her giggle she felt very at home and soon as the lesson was over she asked me “when’s my next lesson” and “I don’t want to leave” she was so happy and felt relaxed the opportunity to this has given leia is having the chance to be around other children build her self esteem and at the same time learn to swim which is a life saving skill but also is her parents the financial aspect leia is learning to swim which as everyone understands is not cheap as leia was unfortunately late to start learning so is not the best as she could’ve been to swim as her sibling took all of our time with being in hospital in London. We really are so thankful leia has been given this opportunity and we are forever grateful thank you so very much she is so happy, Kindest regards, Laura and Shaun


We are so happy and grateful  that Scarlett has been given the opportunity through young carers to access the Jack Petchey fund to have swimming lessons for a year! Having 5 children, 3 with disabilities, we simply couldn’t give her this opportunity to learn to swim properly, and apart from a few classes as a baby, she hasn’t had any real opportunity to learn at all, and is now 11.Most people appreciate that swimming is such an important life skill to have, so we have worked with her when we have had access to a pool to increase her confidence etc. But again with 3 disabled children this has been a challenge to dedicate proper time to.Now she can finally get the skill and confidence to enjoy the water when we do get a chance, and also if she did ever get into a difficult situation in water (hopefully never), she would be able to get out of it safely!Thank you! Kind Regards,Amanda 



Good evening Paul, My son really enjoyed swimming lesson. His younger son is disabled and his needs are complex. M loves to swim, swimming instructor was quiet jolly, kind and friendly guy, other swimmers were nice, not rude or judgmental.  Believe me I couldn’t afford swimming lessons and with a disabled child I can’t take M alone for swimming as most of the swimming lessons are in the morning. Evening time is the best time he’s having swimming lessons as at that time my husband takes care of my younger son and I can take M for swimming. On his way he chat with me and discuss different topics, coming for swimming lessons is like a luxury or short break for him. He’s really happy. I really want to thank Thurrock swimming club, their staff members, swimming instructors and especial thanks to Jack Petchey fund. As M has some special needs he was a bit worried before assessment but he felt happy after assessment session & he enjoyed his first session. Thank you  Kind Regards Fizza 


Hi Paul, I would first like to take the opportunity to thank you and the staff at blackshots swimming club for giving N the opportunity to do her swimming lessons. N has always enjoyed swimming, but due to having quite bad vision in one of her eyes hasn’t always been the most confident swimmer. N has also recently became a young carer for her dad who since lockdown last year started suffering from seizures, which means he can suffer up to 20 seizures a day and these result in him really hurting himself. Nhas been absolutely amazing and knows everything to do to make her dad safe, and has even cleaned up some pretty nasty cuts!!The swimming club means that she is able to have a break from what is going on at home and be a ‘child’ again. What is also nice is that I am able to watch her and it’s time we get to spend together. She looks forward to swimming every week.Thanks again for giving her this opportunity. Regards, Georgia 

Hi Paul, Z is a young carer.Z enjoys swimming. She was very keen to start again after a break of nearly 4 years . She was having private lessons in Ockendon and achieved well but unfortunately due to personal circumstances she had to stop . She was quite nervous before coming for the assessment but once she was there she felt confident and enjoyed it . Especially after the assessor noticed she was doing well and he asked her if she swam before . Z is a very keen learner and enjoyed swimming and also intend to take part in competition in the future if she achieved a certain level . Thank you Kind regards, Azima